Anti Bird Netting For Fruit & Vegetable Protection

What is Anti Bird Netting ?

Anti Bird netting is done to keep away flying creatures from your valuable asset. A net is a useful product for keeping flying creatures or birds away from a specific zone, be it a home, piece of land or a kitchen garden full of fruits , vegetables , plants and flowers. These nets are generally made of bi-situated polypropylene or woven polyethylene. They can also be made of nylon or steel wires. They are available in assortment of shapes and structures and the well know is a little  mesh of 1 or 2 cm squares in rectangular or square shape. They can be bought easily from any nearby home improvement stores. This method of keeping birds away from a precious zone is termed as Anti Bird Netting.

What are the advantages of anti bird netting for home and office?

Pigeons can not enter your home or office through windows or any other open space and spoil the area with pigeon shit and feathers.

If your residence is adjacent to wild sanctuary or forest, you can be sure that no wild creatures can enter your premises. This is very common for people who have residential home or office on ground floor.

If you choose a very fine mesh net, it is possible to be safe from snakes also.

What are the advantages of anti bird netting for garden?

It prevents the sidewalls and roofs and terrace getting dirty thereby needing repair or replacement, if you have home or kitchen garden.
By keeping birds away with the netting, we avoid a lot of health risks. The risk of bird-related diseases like West Nile, Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, E. Coli and more is avoided.
Anti bird netting will keep birds out of fruit trees and it will keep the garden plants safe from the birds. It will help us in realizing the produce of home or kitchen garden in terms of commercial value.

About Delmen Nets, Gurgaon

Delmen Nets manufactures and supplies anti bird nets  & bird spikes for home , office & garden. It also supplies mosquito nets for windows and doors and roller blinds for windows and doors. Their products are easily available at major home improvement stores.
The complete list of the products is as follows:
  1. Anti Bird Nets & Spikes
  2. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Roll
  3. Fiberglass Mesh Roll
  4. Mosquito Net For Windows
  5. Mosquito Net For Doors
  6. Roll Down Mesh Systems
  7. Pleated Mesh Systems
  8. Mosquito Net For Upvc Windows
  9. Mosquito Net For Upvc Doors
  10. Velcro Mesh Systems
  11. Aluminum Windows And Doors
Coupled with the experience of a decade , the company has installed and serviced the above products in the offices, corporate houses, farmhouse and residences.  Their products are made of commonly used materials such nylon, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass and bronze.
Since Delmen nets has its own manufacturing facility, their products are cost effective, adaptable, safe and environmental friendly. They have a team of technicians and service personnel to install and maintain them 24/7.
They have successful experience of  installation in areas like offices, corporate houses, farmhouses, residences etc. They also have expertise and capacity to handle bulk requirements even in export oriented markets.


For protecting your home & office from birds, mosquitoes and insects, it is best to use permanent solution like mosquito nets for windows and doors and anti bird netting.

This post is sponsored by Delmen Nets

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