Best Tips And Tricks For Balcony Garden Design Ideas In Mumbai

A larger balcony area or open rooftop terrace in Mumbai homes is a premium commodity. There are very few lucky people to have this. Since there is always a lack of good balcony space or open rooftop terrace, we need to plan properly while coming up with balcony garden design ideas in Mumbai homes. Even if you do not have closed balcony space, but open rooftop space for gardening; this article will discuss tips and tricks for balcony garden design ideas. The term balcony garden and open rooftop terrace garden or open rooftop garden will be used as synonyms as there is hardly any difference between them. All are the same.

The basic philosophy behind balcony garden design or rooftop garden design is having harmonious balance between plants, planters for gardening, props and other garden items. The ease of maintenance and cost effectiveness are other parameters to focus on.

Here are some of the tips for balcony garden design ideas:

Use planters for gardening for plants and keep maximum balcony floor area empty

Instead of laying plants in the balcony garden horizontally, we can go for a vertical balcony garden. Use of planters for gardening and pots that can be hanged are the best bet for this.

The idea is to fill the balcony garden walls with greenery at the same time keeping the balcony floor area empty for other props and garden items. If you are interested in saving a lot of money with planters, you should examine some creative ways to create planters from recycled items

Use lightweight garden furniture that can save space

If a vertical planting method is adopted using hanging planters or pots, lightweight garden furniture made of plastic or cane can be used for seating arrangement. The rattan or cane garden furniture is the most suitable for this. Rattan or cane garden furniture is generally used for covered balcony gardens that have a transparent rooftop.

The lightweight plastic garden furniture is suitable for an open terrace balcony garden in Mumbai. The rainy season is very harsh in Mumbai and it can reduce the life of wooden or cane garden furniture.

Use garden lights for balcony garden design ideas

The balcony garden walls can be installed with garden light fixtures for sufficient light in the rainy season or at night. Make sure to have light fixtures that direct & focus light on the floor area and balcony garden walls. The hanging light fixtures can also be used , if the balcony garden has a rooftop. 

Since the lighting in balcony gardens or open rooftop gardens is an extra burden on home electricity budget, the best option is to have LED garden lights as they conserve energy.

Use of solar garden lights 

The power consumption in balcony gardens or open rooftop gardens is an extra expense on the overall home electricity budget. In order to minimize it in the long run, alternative methods should be looked for.

If there is no rooftop in the balcony garden, installing solar panels for garden lights is another best option. Again, it depends on the initial budget for making a balcony garden. The solar panel can act as a temporary roof for the balcony garden, also.

Even if you have a balcony garden rooftop , you can go for solar garden lights that come with small solar panels attached to it.

Green mat or plastic grass mat for balcony garden design ideas

It is a good idea to floor the balcony garden or rooftop garden with a plastic green mat.  These are also known as artificial grass mat, turf or artificial grass carpet. These are designed with built-in cushions to give the look and feel of walking on an actual grass bed.

Use of anti bird net for balcony garden design ideas

Anti bird net protective mesh covering is used to keep birds away from entering into the balcony garden. If you have an open terrace garden or open balcony garden in Mumbai , it will be a very common problem. The  pigeons and other small birds will enter into your balcony garden and it will start getting dirtier. They can also eat vegetable seeds planted in the planters or pots , if you are growing vegetables and herbs in your open balcony garden or open rooftop garden,    

The small openings of the anti bird net will prevent birds from entering into your rooftop or balcony garden. Please follow below link to get idea about anti bird net.

Use of mosquitoes net for balcony garden design ideas or open rooftop garden

The anti bird net does not prevent trespassing of  mosquitoes into the open terrace garden or balcony garden. Mosquito nets have smaller and very small mesh structures  in order to prevent them crossing the boundaries where they are installed.  Anti bird nets can not be used for mosquito prevention as they have larger mesh structure compared to mosquito nets.

Mosquito nets are usually custom made as per the size requirement of the open area to be covered. Some of the common materials used for mosquito nets are stainless steel and UPVC. 

Please follow the link to find more about mosquito net for windows , mosquito net for doors and mosquito net for balcony.

Having plants that repel mosquitoes because of their aroma

Please follow the link to find more about preventing mosquitoes entry into your open rooftop garden or balcony garden in Mumbai.

Summary for Balcony Garden Design Ideas

The art of making a balcony garden in Mumbai or rooftop garden in Mumbai requires careful planning along with some good initial investment. It also requires dedication and time to be devoted. 

Besides plants, planters for gardening and pots , lights , artificial grass carpet and decorative items , it also requires you to be design and beauty conscious !


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