Homemade remedies for runny nose
Homemade remedies for running nose The main cause of runny nose is irritation or inflammation of the nasal tissues. But this can be treated with  homemade remedies for runny nose in most of the cases.  The main triggers of this condition are cold and flu caused by the influenza virus
Shelf Life Of Food Products Available In Mumbai
As per #food technologist and medical professionals, shelf life of food products should always be checked before its rightful consumption. The shelf life of food is the period within that the consumption of  a particular #food item is considered safe from a health perspective. Finding shelf life for vegetables, fruits
Top 10 plants to grow indoors in your balcony garden
Having plants to grow indoors in your balcony garden and kitchen garden is a new trend to beautify your home in cities. The real-estate in Mumbai is costly and a premium commodity, yet many people can afford a balcony garden. Gardening is a very rewarding hobby as it keeps us
How to grow vegetables at home in Mumbai
You may be surprised with the title of “grow vegetables at home in Mumbai” #growyourownfood. You might be thinking “Hey, we have the highest deficiency of  living space in Mumbai ! Do you know the cost of real-estate in Mumbai ? It is a premium commodity here. “ The answer
Top 5 teas for weight loss and increasing fitness
How to lose weight fast ? You need to consume special teas for weight loss and fitness Yes, belly fat can be reduced by drinking special types of #tea. In order to reduce belly fat for overweight people, weight loss is a mandatory process. The first step in increasing fitness
How to care for basil plant in your garden
The care for basil plants should be done religiously as generally; it gets dried very quickly, if not monitored. Basil plant is a herb having tremendous medicinal values. Basil plant in Hindi is also called Tulsi or तुलसी. As per our traditional Hindu culture, it is also called as holy

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