A delivery partner is an individual person or any business organization. They must be doing the business of growing and selling plants and other related gardening materials and farming materials.

Ideally, plant nursery owners are our best candidates to become delivery partner.

We get enquiries for plants, gardening materials, planters, vermicompost and other gardening accessories from all over India. We can not be present at all the locations to serve the customers honestly and immediately.

We value our customer’s trust utmost and we strive to keep it 100% always. In order to serve the customers everywhere quickly, we pass the enquiries to our delivery partners who are already in this business.  And, the most important thing is that they are already present at customer’s location.

The major benefit of becoming our delivery partner is that your plant nursery business will grow ! You will get many more customers in your nearby area.

It will be easy for you to serve them as they will be in your nearby area, and in some cases they may visit your plant nursery to buy more plants, gardening materials and other accessories.

Yes. An investment of 999 INR is required to become our delivery partner.  This fees is payable annually and every year you must renew your subscription. Once you subscribe by paying the amount for 1 year, you will be able to activate your business listing in our directory of delivery partners.

We do not charge any commission on each sale done by you.

Yes. You should be related to plant nursery business or organic farming business. You should have ready to sell any of the following items:

  • All Types Of Plants
  • Planters For Gardening
  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Herb Seeds
  • Flower Seeds
  • Fruit Plant Seeds
  • Vermicompost
  • Pesticides And Insecticides
  • Garden Furniture
  • Garden Lights
  • Garden And Home Decoration Items

It is not necessary that you should have ALL THE ABOVE. Whatever you have, somehow it should be related to gardening and organic farming.

Yes. Off course ! If you grow plants or seedlings or saplings as hobby and want to earn extra income, you can become our delivery partner and sell to willing customers. You can sell your old planters or gardening accessories, also.

The delivery to willing customers will be entirely your responsibility. We do not provide any material for delivery or we do not dictate the price of transaction. It is entirely up to you !

Yes. It is a money earning opportunity as we provide you willing customers ready to pay. Please note that we do not sell any materials to you or your potential customers.

We just provide you leads and they are your potential customers.

Yes. If you are passionate about plants and gardening, you can become our delivery partner. But before becoming delivery partner, please make sure that you have requisite items ready for sell to the customers.

It is best advised that you first do setup of plant nursery or organic farm ready to do business, before becoming our delivery partner.

No. We do not refund money paid for subscription. Since the subscription is valid for 1 year, you can delist your business as delivery partner after 1 year of subscription, if you desire so.

You can cancel the subscription of your delivery partner just by delisting yourself. Alternatively, you can call or send an email to us to cancel the subscription whenever you require.

Your subscription will be cancelled within 24 hours and no enquiries will be forwarded to you. Please note that the money paid for subscription is not refundable.

All the enquiries generated nearby your location will be forwarded to delivery partner. There is no limit.

However, we do not guarantee the number of enquiries.