Homemade remedies for runny nose

Homemade remedies for running nose

The main cause of runny nose is irritation or inflammation of the nasal tissues. But this can be treated with  homemade remedies for runny nose in most of the cases.  The main triggers of this condition are cold and flu caused by the influenza virus or it may be due to triggers of an allergic substance present. There are many viruses that trigger runny noses and the latest addition in this family is the novel Covid-19 or commonly known as coronavirus.

The person who has a strong immune system can tackle the symptoms of runny nose without any medication. This is also true in the case of Coronavirus. Hardly, they need to visit any physician for medication. But this is not true in the case of coronavirus which is very contagious. The reason being that a lot of things are not known by medical professionals about coronavirus and it is advised to take immediate help for such conditions.

Besides trying #homemade remedies for runny nose, if the situation persists and it is of chronic nature, it is best advised to consult a qualified physician or doctor. The methods suggested here are of general nature and can not be substituted for an expert physician’s advice under any circumstances. Even for coronavirus infection, it is best advised to consult a qualified physician or the government agencies for an accurate diagnosis and cure.

The purpose of this article is for general guidance and the author is not responsible for any adverse circumstances. The help of medical professionals must be sought whenever required.

There are many homemade remedies for runny nose

Keeping hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids as a homemade remedies for runny nose

Drinking a lot of fluids like fruit juices and water helps in removing nasal congestion. It ensures that mucus thins out and it is consistently thrown out of the body. Maintaining an optimum level of water intake in the body can cure a runny nose in a few days. There are many products available known as nasal decongestant.

Drinking hot herbal tea for runny nose

A Runny nose is generally accompanied by a sore throat. Drinking cinnamon tea soothes the sore throat. Herbal tea made of chamomile, ginger, mint, or nettle is also very useful in such conditions. The only precaution should be taken to avoid hot caffeinated drinks. Additionally, drinking green tea specially like desi kahwa green tea is also beneficial as homemade remedies for runny nose.

Taking facial steam for runny nose

Taking facial steam opens the passages in the nose which can help to relieve sinus pressure. It is easy to do at home. This method is more effective for people who have chronic sinus rather than the running nose.

However, the running nose also creates situations where the nasal passage is choked because of thick mucus in many cases.

Doing Jal neti a yogic exercise with the neti pot for runny nose

Jal Neti is a yogic exercise to remove debris or mucus from the nasal cavity by rinsing with water. For this purpose, a specially designed pot is used which is called a neti pot. It is advised to use distilled or sterilized water free of dirt and contaminants for this purpose.

Eating spicy food and drinking soup for runny nose

Spicy food and hot soups have a chemical substance that causes a burning sensation on the tongue. It is called capsaicin or allyl isothiocyanate. Capsaicin is a chemical found in fruits of the genus Capsicum, which includes peppers.  Allyl isothiocyanate is a colourless oil that can be found in things like mustard, radishes, and wasabi. It works as an antifungal agent.

Consumption of spicy food or hot soup causes not only a burning sensation on the tongue, but also irritates the nasal passage membranes. It makes the nasal passage produce more mucus, ultimately flushing down the unwanted substance or particles causing the irritation.

It is like flushing out the dirt, bacteria, and viruses residing in nasal and throat passage. The final result is that the person gets cured after some time from the cold and flu.

Drinking milk with jaggery daily before sleep is also one of the best methods to cure such conditions. Please follow the below link to get the recipes that can be made of milk and jaggery for homemade consumption.

Top Milk And Jaggery Recipes For Healthy Living

Taking adequate rest after a hot shower as a homemade remedies for runny nose

Hot showers and resultant steam coming from hot showers helps in cleaning the nasal congestion. It also helps in killing bacteria and viruses present in the nasal and throat region.

The result is that the person gets cured after a few days because the main cause of the running nose is the cold and flu virus which is also called the influenza virus. The latest addition to this family is a novel coronavirus which is creating worldwide havoc.

Nasal drops as homemade remedies for runny nose

Nasal drops manufactured by many pharmaceutical companies are easily available at the medical stores in India and worldwide. They help in removing the irritation, swelling, and congestion in the nasal area. They provide temporary relief for the running nose.

For some people, nasal drops are addictive so care should be taken to use it less frequently. Most of the nasal drops use chemically active ingredients such as Phenylephrine, Xylometazoline, and the most popular Oxymetazoline.

Nasal Spray For Runny Nose

Here are some nasal sprays commonly available in the Indian market that are used to relieve a runny nose:

  1. Nasivion Nasal Spray
  2. Otrivin Nasal Spray
  3. Sinarest Nasal Spray
  4. Nasoclear Nasal Spray
  5. Xylomist Nasal Spray
  6. Solvin Nasal Spray
  7. Nazomac-A Nasal Spray
  8. Nasonex Nasal Spray
  9. Nasomist Nasal Spray
  10. Duonase Nasal Spray

Maintaining adequate room temperature as a homemade remedies for runny nose

Congestion of nasal passage and formation of mucus is clearly related to air temperature and humidity. Cold and dry air is helpful in the decongestion of nasal passage and the formation of mucus.

So maintaining comfortable room temperature and humidity which is suitable for the person is a sure shot way to clear the running nose in the shortest span of time. Also, it is best advised to work from home. Staying at home and following the social distancing rules in public life will help not only the infected person but the people who are going to come in contact with.


The above methods are #homemade and common methods for treating various conditions of running nose, fever, and cold. It should not be substituted for the expert physicians’ advice in any case.

Even if homemade remedies are applied for fever, cold, flu, and running nose conditions, it is a must to consult a qualified physician as soon as possible for accurate diagnosis and cure.

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This article is just for informative purpose and it should not treated as a guideline or prescription of a health care professional. It is advised to consult a registered health care professional, if in doubt or in a situation that demands critical care.

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