How to beat the heat in summer?

Mumbai weather is changing fast and the onset of summer heat is here. We must find methods to beat the heat in summer.  We Mumbaikars are very hard working people. So we need to be careful with the diseases that come with part and parcel of our daily lives. Because of ever increasing change in temperature, virus and bacterial infections are becoming very common. Also people, who have problems related to breathing,  should immediately consult physicians to avoid serious troubles.

Following are the common diseases which Mumbaikars face in summer:

The months of April, May and June are usually the hottest in Mumbai. Let us examine the above diseases one by one. 

How to beat the heat in summer?

We will only focus on food poisoning and heat stroke:

Food poisoning

It is caused by consumption of contaminated food with bacteria. It is spread by bacteria, viruses, toxins, and chemicals which enter our body.  The symptoms are stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea or vomiting.

How to avoid it?

Raw meat and food sold in the open by roadside vendors should not be consumed.

What is Ayurveda remedy for food poisoning?

When we suffer from food poisoning, our body loses more water and it becomes dehydrated. Consuming good intake of water and  fluid is the first step towards its natural treatment. Ginger with honey is a very important ingredient for treatment.

A person can also consume ginger tea.  Apple Cider Vinegar helps in soothing gastrointestinal lining and killing the bacteria.

Drinking honey with one or two teaspoons of water is one of the good remedies for this. Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties in lemons also give much relief, if consumed as sweet lemon water. The acid in lemons helps kill bacteria that cause food poisoning. We can have sweet or salty lemon juice.

Drinking basil juice extracted from a few basil leaves with one tablespoon of honey several times a day is very helpful in food poisoning.  We can also add some fresh coriander juice to it. It also relieves symptoms such as diarrhea and  abdominal pain. 

Eating and swallowing one fresh garlic clove with water is good for killing bacterial infections.

For instant relief, we can boil one teaspoon of cumin seeds in one cup of water and consume it. One teaspoon of coriander juice  extracted from fresh coriander leaves and a little salt is also helpful. The combining effect of fenugreek seeds and yogurt gives  an immediate relief from stomach pain as well as vomiting.

Heat Stroke

Symptoms of heat stroke are headache, drying of skin, cramps, weakness, vomiting, increased heart rate, or shallow breathing.

How to avoid it?

Doctors advise that one must not overdo clothes in summer which typically traps the body heat inside and causes problems. Additionally, staying in cooler areas helps avoid heat stroke conditions.

What is Ayurveda remedy for heat stroke?

Onion has great absorbing properties and thus is a great remedy for heat stroke. Onion can be consumed raw with food or it can be consumed as by making onion paste. Onion paste can also be applied on the forehead of the person. Applying onion juice on the back of ears and chest is also helpful in keeping the body temperature down. This remedy is one of the most effective ones and is also recommended by Ayurveda.

Having plenty of water to keep us hydrated is the cheapest method. Drinking a lot of water can make up for the water lost through sweating during summer.

One of the best coolants, water helps prevent heat stroke and other kinds of heat illnesses. When we sweat, the evaporation of the water works as a natural air coolant. If we feel any symptoms of heat stroke, drinking plenty of water immediately is a must. Raw mangoes are not only tasty, but healthy too. They are also considered as one of the most effective home remedies in curing and preventing heat stroke.

Raw mango juice also called “aam panna” is a great drink to relieve heat stroke symptoms.

Buttermilk has natural supplements that can help control our body temperature. The probiotics present in it helps replenish body temperature  with essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients lost due to excessive sweating.

Coconut water works similar to buttermilk. It helps us in replenishing the lost electrolytes from the body, owing to excessive sweating. Drinking coconut water two to three times a day not only keeps our body hydrated, but also it keeps body temperature lower, but also improves your skin quality.

Sun burns happen due to penetration of UV Rays in the body. People who encounter lower levels of melanin formation are even prone to skin cancer  as it causes melanoma. In this, skin might turn red, dry, itchy and cracks may develop. 

Afterwards, the victim usually feels cold, experiencing chills, nausea, vomit, fever and at times witness flu-like symptoms.
All the above remedies discussed above for heat stroke are also applicable to sun burns. In case of sun burns, we may need to consult a skin specialist for treatment with antibiotics and other skin creams.


In summer, the sun is our enemy as far as general health is concerned. We need to protect ourselves from heat and other UV rays in order to run our lives smoothly. The above remedies are of indicative nature and it may not substitute the expert advice of qualified physicians. In extreme cases, physicians advice and consultation must be taken.

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