How To Make Jaggery Milk ? What Are The Benefits of Jaggery With Milk?

If you have lived in India and if you have noticed that Indian people eat Jaggery (Gur) post-dinner. Some take jaggery with milk post dinner. There are tremendous benefits of jaggery with milk.

This is very common in the winter season. The consumption of Jaggery increases in the winter season because its “tassir” is hot as per Ayurveda. Also, winter is the season of fresh jaggery production in India in northern states. From time immemorial, Ayurveda has advised that it is rich in many vital vitamins and minerals. Jaggery boosts immunity and keeps the body warm. It also helps treat colds and coughs. It regulates the temperature of the body.

 If we combine jaggery with milk, then it becomes a perfect combo to be consumed post-dinner, especially in winter. Of course, there are many milk and jaggery healthy recipes and desserts that can be made with milk and jaggery as the main ingredients.

How to make jaggery milk?

Benefits of jaggery milk is because it nourishes human body. The combination of Milk and Jaggery has a lot of benefits for our healthy lifestyle. Jaggery should be mixed with milk in the proper proportion to make the milk sweet. Proper care should be taken to check the temperature of the milk. Normally, the temperature of the milk should be slightly more than body temperature.

Another way of consuming Jaggery is to mix it with Ginger and drinking lukewarm milk after that.

What are the benefits of jaggery with milk?

A source of calcium

One of the biggest benefits of jaggery with milk is that both are rich sources of calcium.  Calcium deficiency is responsible for pain in joints, problems related to bones in older people, and especially middle-aged ladies. Osteoporosis is the name of the disease which originates in the human body because of deficiency of calcium, lower level of estrogen’s hormones, and increasing age. It is a very common problem in middle and old age ladies. Drinking milk with Jaggery regularly is one way of avoiding osteoporosis.

Improves Digestive System

Milk with Jaggery helps in increasing good bacteria responsible for a powerful digestive system. It is very useful for people who frequently suffer from stomach bloating and indigestion. It is also helpful in eliminating acidity.

Helpful in Insomnia

Drinking milk with Jaggery is useful for people who suffer from insomnia. One common reason for insomnia is frequent indigestion and acidity. It helps in purifying the blood and generates fresh energy in the body.

Reduces Period Pain in PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

Ladies who suffer from PMS are advised to drink one glass of milk with jaggery in order to get relief from period pain. It also reduces pain for pregnant ladies.  Pregnant ladies suffer frequently from anemia.  Milk and Jaggery combination is very helpful for expecting mothers.

Who should not drink Milk with Jaggery?

People who are overweight and gaining weight continuously should not drink milk with jaggery. It may also disturb the metabolism of the body for the people who have diabetes and ulcerative colitis. It should not be consumed with radish and fish.

Eating Jaggery in large quantities may fluctuate the blood sugar level which might affect the functioning of the pancreas.

It should be consumed in reasonable quantities depending upon the age and body condition of the person.


Drinking milk with jaggery in a reasonable quantity is always good for long-term health. In the context of novel coronavirus and spread of flu and fever at a large scale, Jaggery with milk can also be used as a homemade remedy for flu and fever. 

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