Calathea Plant Types Saplings


Product Minimum Order Quantity
Any Plant Sapling 6
Seed Packets 12
Planters 6
Accessories 1

Introducing our Calathea Plant Types Sapling, a stunning addition to any indoor space! Calathea plants are known for their striking foliage and unique patterns, making them a popular choice among plant enthusiasts. Our Calathea Plant Saplings are carefully nurtured and ready to bring beauty and vibrancy to your home or office. Elevate your interior decor with the captivating presence of our high-quality Calathea saplings.

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  • Each plant sapling will be delivered in a small polythene black colour bag.
  • 1 Kg of soil will be provided with each plant sapling.
  • Either red soil or black soil depending upon the type of plant will be provided with each plant sapling.
  • A detailed repotting instructional information will be provided with each plant sapling.
  • The plant sapling will be delivered by courier service available at the customer's location.
  • Delivery charge applicable will be as per box packing of the courier service company.
  • The terms and conditions will be applied as per courier service company rules and regulations.
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Calathea Plant Types

Our Calathea Plant Types Saplings have been nurtured with utmost care to ensure their health and readiness for you to enjoy. Each sapling is meticulously selected to provide you with a high-quality plant that is poised to flourish in your care. With their compact size, our saplings are perfect for creating lush displays on shelves, desks, or tabletops, or even as a centerpiece in larger arrangements.

Calatheas are known for their unique ability to move their leaves throughout the day, opening up in the morning and closing at night, which adds an interactive element to their beauty. Beyond their captivating movements, Calathea plants are also revered for their air-purifying qualities, enhancing the quality of the air in your living or working environment.

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