Clove Bean Seed


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Introducing our Clove Bean Seed, a unique and aromatic addition to your herb garden. These fast-growing plants produce clusters of fragrant clove-scented flowers that can be used in various culinary and medicinal applications. Grow your own Clove Beans with our premium seeds and enjoy the distinct flavor and aroma they bring to your dishes and herbal remedies.

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Experience the captivating aroma and versatility of our Clove Bean Seed. Also known as “Clove Basil” or “Thai Basil,” Clove Beans (Ocimum gratissimum) are a fascinating herb with a distinct clove-like fragrance. With our high-quality Clove Bean seeds, you can cultivate your own supply of this aromatic herb and explore its various culinary and medicinal uses.

Clove Beans are fast-growing plants that belong to the basil family. They are known for their attractive clusters of small, white to pale pink flowers with a strong clove scent. These flowers not only add visual appeal to your garden but also infuse the surrounding air with their delightful fragrance.

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