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30 days no watering to your plants !!! Yes !!! You heard right. With self watering pots, you do not need to water your plants daily, if you use these pots. You just need to water it twice a month. It is environmental friendly and does not occupy large space. You can install it in a very limited space. It is pocket-friendly also.

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What are the benefits of Self-Watering Pots For Plants ?

It Saves A Lot Of Water: – In the modern world, water-saving is of paramount importance in our day to day living. And, these water planters are the blessing our planet deserves.

It Offer Flexible Growing Space: – As the world is marching fastly towards urbanisation, space is one of the most important aspects. For those who live in apartments and flats, it saves a lot of space whilst providing fresh air.

It Provides Consistent Water Supply To The Plant: – One of the main problems that plant lovers face is an adjustment in their daily schedule to water the plant. Self watering plant pots save from that and provide a consistent water supply.

It Provides Continuous Moisture To Roots: – Every plant survives for a long-only when the root is healthy, and for that, the root needs moisture. Self watering containers provides continuous moisture to the roots.

It Makes Plant Less Disease Prone : – Due to the capillary action that self watering systems for potted plants use to moisture the soil, it prevents the plant from being affected by powdery mildew or other molds.

It Provides No Weeding: – As the water is balanced in self watering planters and the soil is covered with the surface of the planter, it prevents the weeds from growing and discourages them to not take over the plant.


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