Top 10 plants to grow indoors in your balcony garden

Having plants to grow indoors in your balcony garden and kitchen garden is a new trend to beautify your home in cities. The real-estate in Mumbai is costly and a premium commodity, yet many people can afford a balcony garden. Gardening is a very rewarding hobby as it keeps us in touch with nature that we Mumbaikars miss a lot. Apart from that creating a balcony garden can be economically beneficial , if done right. You just need to be in touch with wholesale plant nursery in Mumbai.  Following are the benefits for having #plants to grow in indoors in your balcony garden:

  • If you grow commonly used vegetables, you may save some amount of money.
  • You can get fresh and chemical free vegetables without heavy expenses on vegetables sourced from organic farms.
  • You can save a lot on interior designing , specially if you have a large terrace or large balcony. There is no need to do great interior of terrace or balcony. The plants grown will bring the essence of nature in your home and it will serve as decoration, also.
  • You can have mosquitoes repellent plants and the plants that help in air cleaning in your balcony garden.
  • You can start a secondary business of plant nursery in Mumbai , if time and energy permits you.

The top plants to grow indoors in your balcony or terrace garden

Succulents are also one of the best choices of the plants to grow indoors in your balcony garden. You will find hundreds of varieties of succulents , if you manage to find best plant nursery in Mumbai. Succulents have  strong and distinct leaf shapes with very beautiful textures. Because of their textures and geometrical shape with beauty , they serve as a great artifact in the overall scheme of interior design of the home or office.
Succulents are best indoor plants because they can also survive in dry and humid conditions with less water. So even, if you forget to water them frequently, they will keep surviving and growing easily. They store waters in their leaves in order to survive in dry conditions.
Following are the benefits of growing succulents in your balcony garden :
  • They beautify and brighten the home interior in any climate.
  • They help in keeping the air clean free from pollutants.
  • The keep the humidity of the home at optimum level.
  • They add fresh oxygen to home environment.
  • They help in improving the focus of a person

Top succulents plants to grow indoors in your balcony garden 

Common Name Botanical Name
Burro’s tail or donkey’s tail Sedum morganianum
Hens-and-Chicks Sempervivum
Jade Plant Crassula ovata
Pussy ears or Panda Plant Kalanchoe tomentosa
Ponytail Palm Beaucarnea recurvata
African Milk Tree Euphorbia trigona
Zebra Haworthia Haworthia fasciata


Having plants to grow in your balcony garden is not a luxury. It is necessity. You just need to put some time and energy into it, besides you should have access to a  cheapest plant nursery in Mumbai.
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