Top 5 teas for weight loss and increasing fitness

How to lose weight fast ?

You need to consume special teas for weight loss and fitness

Yes, belly fat can be reduced by drinking special types of #tea. In order to reduce belly fat for overweight people, weight loss is a mandatory process. The first step in increasing fitness is not having a protruding belly above normal standards. The reduction in  belly fat is of utmost  importance as it is an invitation to various lifestyle diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, heart ailments and other digestive problems. Switching to honey or jaggery instead of man-made sugar is one of the important steps in reducing belly fat and sugar in blood.

Regular exercise and eating less during dinner time is one of the main changes that should be implemented for this. Following are the teas which also help in reducing belly fat naturally: 

Lemon Tea

It is a normal tea without milk. Lemon and honey can be used as other ingredients. Ideally, this tea should be consumed in the early morning for weight loss and increasing fitness. It is advisable not to drink more than one cup of lemon tea in the morning. This tea also works as an excellent home made remedy for running nose , cold and flu.  There is a list of homemade tea remedies for common cold and flu that can be consumed on alternate days in the rainy and winter session to avoid going to the general physician. for Following is a content that describes how to prepare it ?

Adrak kali mirch chai (Ginger Black Pepper Tea)

It is a normal tea without milk.  It may also be called #blacktea. Ginger(Adrak) and kali mirch (Black Pepper) have antiviral properties. They are also very helpful in preventing ageing as they are antioxidants. For making this tea, the powder  of Ginger and Black Pepper should be used. Honey in its natural form is used to reduce bitterness up to a certain extent. These type of teas for weight loss are so famous that Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has written an extensive article on his blog/website for this. Here is the link.

Only Ginger Tea

It is a normal tea without milk. Ginger(Adrak) and honey is used to reduce bitterness up to a certain extent. A detailed information on this type of teas for weight loss can be found here.

Cinnamon Tea

It is an antioxidant tea and very useful for Type 2 Diabetes people.

Ajwain Tea

It is a kind of energising drink. It is very useful for colds and coughs in the rainy season. Following link gives a good recipe for this type of teas for weight loss :

Ajwain Chai Recipe 

What about Green Tea?

In the discussion above, we have not purposefully mentioned about #greentea and various types of this tea available. It is very common knowledge that #greentea is very useful in weight loss and increasing the overall fitness of the body.

What are the benefits of green teas for weight loss?

Green tea for weight loss is considered the second most important beverage throughout the world. It has been used as traditional herbal medicine since ages in china. However, now it has become popular all over the world.

The green tea aids in weight loss and increasing overall fitness of the body because of its metabolism stimulant properties. It directly increases the metabolism of the body that helps our body to quickly convert food into energy at a higher rate. It has catechin flavonoid that is an antioxidant.

In order to enjoy the great taste of green tea for weight loss, there is a method to brew it in the right way. While boiling the water , do not put the green tea leaves in the pot of boiling water. It will destroy the catechin , the medicinal properties of the green tea for weight loss.

 Another major benefit of consumption of green tea is related to skin. The regular consumption of green tea helps in :

  • Fighting against premature ageing
  • Protection against skin cancer
  • Acne treatment for teenagers
  • Moisturising the skin

Here is a great information on skin care for teenagers and young folks: 

Sunrise To Sunset Teenage Skincare Routine At Home

The right way is to first boil the water, and let water cool for 10 minutes after the boiling pot has been taken down from the gas stove. After this , the green tea leaves should be added to the water and kept for half-an hour before taking out the leaves.

Green teas are available in various varieties with different flavours, but almost all are good for weight loss. The best time to drink green tea is in the morning and evening. If you have a sensitive stomach, it is best advisable to avoid drinking too much green tea because of its alkaline nature.

The above 5 types of teas are unique in nature and specifically  meant for reducing weight by removing belly fat. They are also very helpful in monsoon and summer as home made remedies for sore throat, flu, cold and fever. They should be consumed regularly for increasing fitness of the body.

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