Where to buy mosquito netting for windows ?

Mosquito netting for windows or a net for windows in general is to protect your home from insects, mosquitoes and other unwanted creatures. There are many companies from where you can buy mosquito netting. It is one of the most foolproof methods to keep mosquitoes away from home. 

It can be applied on doors, terraces and home gardens. It can also be used to protect your  kitchen garden, your private organic farm and offices. Instead of consuming mosquitoes repellent liquids and coils on a daily basis, this is a permanent solution that requires one time investment.

It is one of the must have products for your home and office for the rainy season when diseases caused by mosquitoes are at peak. Some of the diseases caused by mosquitoes are malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis and tularemia.

Mosquitoes repellent coils and mosquitoes repellent liquids

Why are mosquitoes repellent coils, vaporizers, and mosquitoes repellent liquids bad for human health?

They should be avoided  in our day to day life for prevention against mosquito bites. The mosquitoes repellent coils and sticks contain a chemical called pyrethrum paste. They contain either pyrethroid insecticides or plant-derived substances such as citronella with a mix of other chemicals. The main purpose of these chemicals is to deter mosquitoes from biting. There are also other chemical products included that hold the coil together and enable it to burn slowly. 

There are harmful health hazards associated with the burning of mosquitoes repellent coils, mosquitoes repellent liquids and mosquito repellent sticks indoors. The burning of mosquitoes repellent coils and sticks poses a health risk.

Burning a mosquitoes repellent coil or mosquitoes repellent liquid in a closed room amounts to smoking roughly equivalent to a chain smoker.

Burning of mosquitoes repellent coil and sticks release particulates into the air that are equivalent to dust with chemicals. Prolonged use of mosquitoes repellent coils and sticks is harmful to several organs in the body. It causes corneal damage to the eye, shortness of breath, asthma, damage to the liver in the long term. It is also responsible for fertility issues in both men and women.

If you are gardener and looking for some other additional methods to keep mosquitoes away from your home and office, you can consider having  indoor plants that repel mosquitoes in your home and office premises.This can be done as supplementary task to mosquito netting for windows.

Mosquito netting for windows & doors

Why should we go for mosquito netting for windows & doors for the prevention of mosquito bites?

Mosquito nets for windows and doors are made of fibreglass, aluminium or stainless steel. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of material used. Mosquito nets for doors and windows can be used not only to protect from mosquito bites, but also from other insects and creatures. They can be used for  home kitchen gardens, terrace gardens, private organic farm houses, offices and other storage areas where food is stored.

The raw aluminium mosquito net is applied black, a charcoal colour that makes the screen less visible.

Fibreglass mosquito net gives a better view and appearance as it is available in light grey or black colours. It is cost-effective, also. It does not bend when it is blown or clouted. It is a little more transparent than aluminium.

Black aluminium mosquito net allows a clear view of windows from the out

Mosquito net for windows and doors made of bronze is more expensive. It has a long life compared to aluminium and fibreglass ones. Generally, it is available in gold colour. It is more corrosion resistant than steel ones.

Why are Delmen Nets products most sought after ?

Delmen Nets manufactures and supplies mosquito nets for windows and doors, roller blinds for windows and doors, anti-bird nets & bird spikes. The complete list of the products is as follows:

  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Roll or Stainless Steel Mosquito Net For Windows & Doors
  • Fiberglass Mesh Roll or Fiberglass Mosquito Net For Windows & Doors
  • Mosquito Net For Windows
  • Mosquito Net For Doors
  • Roll Down Mesh Systems or Rolling Mosquito Net For Windows & Doors
  • Pleated Mesh Systems or Pleated Mosquito Net
  • Mosquito Net For Upvc Windows or UPVC Mosquito Net For Windows
  • Mosquito Net For Upvc Doors or UPVC Mosquito Net For Doors
  • Velcro Mesh Systems or Velcro Mosquito Net
  • Aluminum Windows And Doors

Coupled with the experience of a decade, they have installed and serviced the above products in the offices, corporate houses, farmhouses, and residences. Their products are made of commonly used materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, fibreglass, and bronze.

Since Delmen nets have their own manufacturing facility, their products are cost-effective, adaptable, safe and environmentally friendly. They have a team of technicians and service personnel to install and maintain them 24/7. They are one of the ideal choices, if you opt to do mosquito netting for windows in your homes and offices.

Anti bird nets from Delmen Nets

They have successful experience of installation in areas like offices, corporate houses, farmhouses, residences, etc. They also have expertise and capacity to handle bulk requirements even in export-oriented markets. 


For protecting your home, kitchen garden, home garden, terrace garden , organic farm house & office from mosquitos and insects, it is best to use a permanent solution like mosquito net for windows and doors. We can also use it as general nets.

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