Where to buy plants in Mumbai in 2022 ?

Do you frequently ask? Where to buy plants in Mumbai?

Every plant lover is always looking to buy plants at the cheapest cost possible. So he/she is always in lookout mode for a plant nursery nearby. Whether you have a full-fledged backyard garden or small balcony garden or terrace garden or kitchen garden, it can not flourish without plants growing day by day in a live natural environment. Here is a very informative article for setting up your own kitchen garden, balcony garden or terrace garden :

Best Tips And Tricks For Balcony Garden Ideas And Design In Mumbai

The experience of buying plants from a nursery is very exciting and enriching to the soul. It is very difficult to describe to others having no interest in plants and gardening. If you are living in Mumbai, the question arises : Where to buy plants in Mumbai in 2022 ?  How to get a large collection of plants to choose from ?  It is very easy to access large scale plant nurseries in tier 2 and 3 cities as they have plenty of plant nurseries because of easy availability of lands in large areas.

For people living in villages and small towns and connected to traditional farming or organic farming, it is not a problem as they have plenty of vegetable and flower plants always available to them. 

Plant Nurseries In Mumbai 

If you are an organic farmer in Mumbai and looking for ready-made plants , you can get it from a plant nursery near your place of residence. Every suburb has one or two good plant nurseries in Mumbai.  Here is a list of  some of the top plant nurseries in Mumbai with their specialties and uniqueness:

Ankur Nursery

You can purchase all types of vegetable seeds and flower seeds from this nursery. They also accept online orders for plants, vegetable seeds and flower seeds. Besides these services, they also offer vertical garden, garden maintenance and irrigation services.

You can find address of Ankur Nursery here :  https://www.ankurnursery.com/contact

Vriksha Nursery

Besides offering exotic plants, vegetable seeds and flower seeds, their specialty is landscaping. You can also purchase garden equipment and accessories from here. 

You can find address of Vriksha Nursery here : https://vrikshanursery.com

Plants World

If you are looking for plants on rent, you should contact plants world. They have exotic collection of indoor, outdoor, flowering and fruit plants. They also provide consulting services for landscaping and garden maintenance.

You can find address of Plants World here : http://www.plantsworldnursery.com/contact/

Lila Nursery

Lila nursery has a great collection of succulent, bamboo, cactus and exotic plants. They offer good quality plants at cheap rates. You can also shop for soil and compost at this nursery.

You can find address of Lila Nursery here : http://www.lilanursery.com/contact-us/

Bhavans Plant Nursery

This nursery is known for all types of vegetable seeds at cheap rates. They have a wide variety of plants. Address : Bhavans College Premises, Munshi Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058 Telephone Number: 022 26232160

Thakur Nursery 

You can buy good quality ceramic pots from this nursery. They have a wide range of indoor plants. They are specialists in vertical gardening. Address: Takhsheela, Near Green Valley Soc, Mahakali Caves Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093 Telephone Number: 09702132484

Greenlands Plant Nursery

If you are looking to purchase a magic grass carpet, this is the nursery you should contact. They also provide plants on rent. If you are looking for office garden and green gifting ideas, this is the nursery. Address: Plot no. 1719, Vrundavan Society,, Opp. Green Village Resort, Madh Marve Road, Malad (W), Mumbai 400095 Telephone Number: 09702132484

Uma Shankar Nursery

This nursery has a very good collection of miniature plants. They also provide pots for plants on rental basis. They have a very good collection of indoor and outdoor plants. Address: Kane Building, Ranade Rd, near post Office, Dadar West, Dadar, Mumbai 400028 Telephone Number: 09867413284

Sunny Nursery

If  you are a bonsai, cactus and bamboo lover, you should contact this nursery. You can shop for round shaped cacti from this nursery.

Root Bridges

If you are looking for indoor plants that purify air for you home and offices, this is the nursery to go for. This nursery delivers all types of plants pan India.

Lush Green Farms And Garden

If you are looking for crassula plants in Mumbai, this is the nursery to go for. Besides offering large varieties of plants at cheaper rates, they also offer garden maintenance services.

Ferntastica Gardens Limited

This nursery has good collection of plants and succulents.

HGB Green Designs 

This nursery is one stop shop for plants, organic soil mix and fertilisers.

Poonam Rose Plant Nursery

This nursery is known for plants on rent, tree service and trimming. They are specialists in garden and plant maintenance.

Farmer In Mumbai

This is a new online nursery just started.

Government Plant Nursery In Mumbai

If you reside in Mumbai , Navi Mumbai or Thane area, you are a lucky person to have a full-fledged plant nursery maintained by the Government of Maharashtra. It is located in Aarey Colony in Goregaon West. You can buy cheap plants for INR 15 here.  Please remember that they sell only plants and not pots. You have to bring your own pots for the plants while shopping in this Government Plant Nursery in Mumbai.

The officials and gardeners are very cooperative and helpful in this Government Plant Nursery. They also provide tips and tricks with genuine information about the plants, soils, manure and maintenance.  The timing of operation for this Government of Maharashtra plant nursery is  between 8am to 12pm or 2pm to 5pm. 

Buy Plants Online In Mumbai

In today’s era of online shopping and Ecommerce, you can also buy plants online in Mumbai. Most of the plant nurseries have adopted the Ecommerce model also for selling plants and gardening equipment and accessories online. You can also purchase exotic plants, planters, vermicompost, vegetable seeds, flower seeds, gardening equipment, outdoor gardening furniture on Amazon, also.  The best place to shop for outdoor gardening furniture and designer planters is Ikea

The two major players worth considering for buying plants online in Mumbai are : ugaoo and nurserylive

Free Plants In Mumbai

The best way to get saplings planted in your building societies is to contact BMC for free tree plantation. BMC (Mumbai Municipal Corporation) also provides free saplings in limited quantities to deserving people. Please contact the gardening department of BMC.

Here is a detailed information about this: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/call-bmc-for-free-tree-plantation/articleshow/52799740.cms

Wholesale Plant Nursery In Mumbai

Wholesale plant nurseries are typically very large nurseries and they grow their own saplings in their own lands to supply to retail nurseries for retail selling. Generally, they are located in the outskirts of Mumbai because of large land requirements. There are few wholesale plant nurseries worth considering for buying vegetable seeds , flower seeds and plant saplings:

Hari Om Plant Nursery

Kanchan Nursery

Govind Sudha Wholesale Plant Nursery


Though Mumbai and other big cities of India are turning into concrete jungle, it is fairly easy to buy plants in Mumbai from nurseries.  You just need will, passion  and ample amount of time to explore the plant nurseries.  For new age tech savvy gardeners, buying plants online including vegetable seeds and flower seeds is also an option.  While buying plants from online nurseries, you also get choices and options to purchase different gardening accessories and equipment.



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